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Business: Education & Training

We offer cognitive, interactive, creativity & arts, ecological awareness, sustainability, community, learning & education services. These courses are designed for the overall development of playgroup & school going children so that they are ready to meet the challenges of secondary education with excellence but without stress. The sole aim of such courses is to transform a child into a future responsible citizen.

We also offer specialized vocational skills training needed for the Construction industry.

Other services that we offer:
  • Socio emotional and physical development counselling
  • Supply class room and home educational resources to schools, teachers & students
  • Supply of stationary, art and craft supplies, educational posters & charts
  • Organizing mobile school services for rural areas
  • Organizing Puppet shows for schools
  • Organizing & managing School events
  • Organizing Motivational lectures
  • Management of "Beyond the Classroom programme" – Organizing nature trips by students, trips to botanical & zoological gardens, Kids Traffic schools, etc.
  • Organizing service learning /community interaction programme
  • Organizing Sustainable future programme