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Philanthropy is nourishment for my soul. It is the driving force behind all my ambitions and success. I attain a sense of achievement, satisfaction, and gratitude when I see how I have enriched the communities that I have supported.

Animals and birds are integral part of our eco system and therefore need protection and welfare. It is our duty to provide them with food, medicine and shelter.

We take special interest in supporting the Children so as to bring a smile on their face, positive energy in their actions by providing them access to school and sports.

Group Chairman & MD

Philanthropy: Bhairon-Rajendra Trust

We at Prajval group believe that no business can flourish in absence of a prosperous civil society. Our deep rooted belief in improving the quality of life of the communities and society at large inspires us to improve & grow more. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. This quote of Winston Churchill is enough to inspire someone to support philanthropy. Bhairon-Rajendra Trust and Prajval Foundation are the vehicles of Prajval Group that are delivering our mission to enrich communities.

Core pillars that form the objectives of our Trust and Foundation include:

  • Educational – to run, maintain or assist any educational or other institution for coaching, guidance, counseling or vocational training or to grant individual scholarships for poor, deserving and needy students for elementary and higher education. Education herein referred also includes education for adults.
  • Medical – to run, maintain or assist any medical institution, nursing home or clinics or to grant assistance to needy and indigent persons for meeting the cost of medical treatment.
  • Relief of the poor – to give financial or other assistance in kind by way of distribution of books, notebooks, cloths, uniforms, or meals for the poor and indigent and to the persons affected by natural calamities.
  • Birds, Animal & wildlife welfare - to give financial or other assistance in kind by way of medicine, food, shelter to veterinary hospitals, National parks, sanctuary or zoological gardens.
  • To undertake research and publication of literature on issues relating to environment and society, and to do any other thing necessary for the promotion of a better understanding amongst people in India.
  • To network with various Trusts/NGO’s, charitable Foundations, Citizens support groups etc all over the world which seek to determine and influence general public welfare policy in India.
  • To promote, encourage, assist and finance agencies or individuals promoting environmental causes such as water harvesting, energy saving etc.
  • To organize, assist and finance debates/elocution contests, quiz and competitions in schools.
  • To support local art & crafts by assisting skilled craftsman to showcase their skills before the world.