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The Group: Values
We are honest in all our dealings with clients, stakeholders, suppliers and even applicants looking for a career with us.
High Performance
We believe that performance of an organization is directly linked with human resource management. Our effort is to train our employees to adopt efficient and improved work practices. We encourage employee participation, learning and team work through regular team building exercise. We are quick in adapting to changing business environment with focus on continuous improvement through participation of all employees. We are committed to Excellence in everything we do and our efforts are always directed to deliver a quality product exceeding Customer expectations.
We trust, respect and support each other, and we strive to earn the trust of our colleagues and partners.
We encourage creativity and free flow of ideas to find simple solutions to complex problems. We are practical in our approach and train our people to enhance their skills and attitude.
We believe that every individual is unique and naturally blessed with rich dimensions of diversity. We strive to provide safe, positive and nurturing environment to all our employees to work along with individuals from different ethnicity, religious & political beliefs, socio- economic status, gender and age in a cohesive work environment. We respect customs, traditions & cultures in which we work.
Partnership is much more than simply working together. At Prajval Group, partnership means way of defining human relations. We consider partnership as a test of our mindsets, values, behaviors, and interactions. We have persistent commitment to being a good partner focused on building constructive, collaborative, trusting and beneficial relationships to create mutual enduring value.
We attach the highest priority to the safe work place, protection of mother earth & our assets. We help to develop and support sustainable communities.
Social responsibility
Our deep rooted belief in improving the quality of life of the communities and society at large inspires us to improve & grow more.